The conference aims to promote research in ultra-weak photon emission through invited lectures and oral presentations of scientists from Europe, Asia and America. The focus will be given on mechanistic aspects and application of ultra-weak photon emission, and role of ultra-weak photon emission in biocommunication.



Registration (16:00-20:00) 




Welcome address

Pavel Pospíšil (Palacký University, Czech Republic) (8:50-9:00)


Plenary lecture

Masaki Kobayashi (Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan) (9:00-9:45)

Biophoton imaging technology and its application



I)      Mechanistic aspects of ultra-weak photon emission

Chairman: Pavel Pospíšil (Palacký University, Czech Republic)

1) Pavel Pospíšil (Palacký University, Czech Republic) (9:45-10:15)

Mechanistic aspects on the formation of electronically excited species by metabolic oxidative process – role of reactive oxygen species

2) Ankush Prasad (Palacký University, Czech Republic) (10:15-10:45)

Mechanism of light-induced ultra-weak photon emission via photosensitization reaction

Coffee break (10:45-11:00)

3) Marek Rác (Palacký University, Czech Republic) (11:00-11:30)

Experimental evidence on the role of biomolecules in the UPE

4) Sayuri Miyamoto (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil) (11:30-12:00)

Lipid hydroperoxides and singlet molecular oxygen generation: an update

Lunch (at the site) (12:00-13:00)



II)      Stress-induced ultra-weak photon emission

Chairman: Ankush Prasad (Palacký University, Czech Republic)

1) Cristiano M. Gallep (State University of Campinas, Limeira, Brazil) (13:00-13:30)

Biophotons from seedlings - revealing rhythm and stress.

2) Agata Scordino (University of Catania, Italy) (13:30-14:00)

Delayed Luminescence spectroscopy to monitor mitocondrially targeted effects of cell proliferation inhibitors

Coffee break (14:00-14:15)

3) Honorata Nawrocka-Bogusz (Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland) (14:15-14:45)

Variable magnetic field influence on leukocytes – the analysis on the base of luminol chemiluminescence

4) Vahid Salari (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France ) (14:45-15:15)

Review of Ultraweak Photon Emission by Different Living Systems and Experimental Methods of UPE Detection


Visit of the laboratory (16:00-18:00)

Dinner at Chinese/Thai restaurant (18:00-20:00)




Plenary lecture

Claudio Rossi (University of Siena, Italy) (9:00-9:45)

Ultra–weak photon emission as possible mechanism of cell–cell interaction



III)      Light cell-to-cell communication

Chairman: Daniel Fels (Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland)

1) Daniel Fels (Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland) (9:45-10:15)

Radiation-based cell communication

2) Ashkan Farhadi (Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA) (10:15-10:45)

Evidence for non-chemical, non-electrical intercellular signaling in intestinal epithelial cells

Coffee break (10:45-11:00)

3) Kateřina Červinková (Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech Republic) (11:00-11:30)

Optical interaction of tissue cultures

4) Parwez Ahmad (Palacký University, Czech Republic) (11:30-12:00)

Intercellular communication by light in unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Lunch at the site (12:00-13:00)



IV)      Light cell-to-cell communication

Chairman: Kwang-Sup Soh (Seoul National University, Suwon, Korea)

1) Kwang-Sup Soh (Seoul National University, Suwon, Korea)  (13:00-13:30)

Primo Vascular System and Optical Communication Channels of Ultraweak Photons 

2) Jiapei Dai (Wuhan Institute for Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, China) (13:30-14:00)

Biophotonic activities and transmission in neural circuits: methodological and theoretical considerations

Coffee break (14:00-14:15)

3) Blake Dotta (Laurentian University, Canada) (14:15-14:45)

Biophoton emissions from humans and cell cultures: A dynamic approach to biochemical processes in parallel systems

4) Ondrej Kučera (Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech Republic) (14:45-15:15)

On the power of electromagnetic bio-communication


Walk around the historical centre (16:00-18:00)

Dinner at Indian restaurant (18:00-20:00)




Plenary lecture

Roeland van Wijk (Leiden University, The Netherlands) (9:00-9:45)

The current state of the art in ultra–weak photon emission 



V)      Application of ultra-weak photon emission

Chairman: Frederic Laager (S.U.P.E.R. Lab, Germany)

1) Frederic Laager (S.U.P.E.R. Lab, Germany) (9:45-10:15)

Benefits of Ultraweak Photon Emission Technology for the Industry

2) Eduard P. Van Wijk (Leiden University, The Netherlands) (10:15-10:45)

Ultra-weak photon emission as non-invasive system diagnostic tool: A proof of principle

Coffee break (10:45-11:00)

3) Hao Ou-Yang (Neutrogena Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, USA) (11:00-11:30)

The Application of Ultra Weak Photon Emission in Dermatology: UVA induced Oxidative Stress In Vivo

4) Kimihiko Kato (Shizuoka Prefectural Research Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, Japan) (11:30-12:00)

Application of UPE in agriculture

Lunch (at the site) (12:00-13:00)



VI)      Statistical and signal properties of ultra-weak photon emission

Chairman: Michal Cifra (Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech Republic)

1) Michal Cifra (Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech Republic) (13:00-13:30)

Ultraweak photon emission from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae tubulin and mitochondria mutants

2) I. V. Volodyaev (Moscow State University, Russia) (13:30-14:00)

Statistics of biophoton emission from developing eggs and embryos

3) S.N. Mayburov (Lebedev Institute of Physics, Moscow, Russia) (14:00-14:30)

Information Encoding in bio-photon communications; ORLANDO project

Coffee break (14:30-14:45)


Discussion on general topics and potential application for international projects (14:45 - 18:00)

Dinner at Czech restaurant  (18:00-20:00)


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